Chicken Hunt

Welcome to Chicken hunt – where you don’t hunt chickens but hunt with chickens –

In 2022s “Chicken Hunt”, the player takes control over a small town detective solving a criminal case of the most heinous kind: littering! But the player is not facing these endeavors by himself. Accompanied by his trusty search chicken, the hunt begins! This chicken isn’t the fittest. After just a few steps it gets tired and needs time to cool off. The player has to interpret the few steps the chicken took after sniffing the clue and follow the general direction until the chicken catches its breath. As soon as three clues are found, the hunt is over, but the criminal is far from caught! The city police department has gathered seven people who they thought were suspicious. Now it’s up to the player to put the pieces together and find the suspect that is guilty!
A small side project for the course 3DUI for a grade bonus
Development time: 2 weeks
August 2, 2022

Developed by

Tobias Heller
Alp Cihan
Felix Kosian
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