High SoSpyety

High SoSpyety is a local multiplayer game in which you need to do actions as an undercover spy. You must always keep your identity secret and try to discover your friend’s identities.

This game was developed as a group project during the SemesterGameJam Winter 2018. Theme: Discovery
Development time: 3 days
November 10, 2018

My Part

I took up the challenge to create the other NPCs that are walking around the scene alongside the players. To make it easier for the players to hide among the NPCs, both use the same movement method based on a navmesh. The NPCs are pretty simple. They choose actions that include waiting, random movement, and specific waypoints that coincide with the task locations.


This was the first time where I had contact with game AI. Without knowing about any methods like state machines or behavior trees, it was an overwhelming experience. It turned out to be much more complicated, especially because game AI has to interact with several other systems like movement, animation, world interaction, and game loop. The most challenging part was to change some behaviors later on because it always created bugs in other areas.

Developed by

Robert Brand
Lars Grevsmühl
Felix Kosian
Julius Krüger
Moritz Schöpf
Tim Türk
Marcel Zurawka
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