Mirrors Egg

Welcome to mirrors egg, platform your way through the kitchen and find as many achievements as possible. Can you find all nine achievements?
SemesterGameJam WS 2021
Development time: 3 days
December 12, 2021

My Part

In this Game Jam, I spent 2 days integrating a physics plugin for Unity to support fluids and soft bodies. So basically the “only” part I made is the splatter of the egg if it breaks. It’s not performant (after the 3rd egg falls) or very fancy, but it works!


To switch things up, I took a deep dive into integrating a physics plugin. At first, it seemed to be an easy and ready-to-use solution. In the end, it turned out to be quite difficult to get it to run, and adjusting it for our use case was harder than expected. Integrating other -apparently ready- tools can be a challenge on its own.

Developed by

Sarah Korte
Jakob Voerkelius
Lars Grevsm├╝hl
Felix Kosian
Max Diversi
Jonathan Bucher
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