In this game we will see who is the moss(t) hardest survivor. Fight against your opponent to take rule over the forest in this two player local versus game. In game letters will appear on the ground and by pressing the coresponding keys on your keyboard, you’ll conquer the tile to your side. Both you and your opponent share the same keyboard and there is no predefined controlset. Every keypress can be benefitial or detremental to you! Let the Grow begin!
SemesterGameJam SS 2022
Development time: 3 days
June 19, 2022

Developed by

Rasmus Rasche
Miriam Halsner
Wylleb Fipwann
Felix Kosian
Christiane Kobalt
Hamza Ahmad
Oleksandra Shvets
Andre Custiniscu
Benjamin Pohl
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