The Incapables

Fly with friends and defend the city from the evil octopus! Try to catch rockets, pass them and hit the invader in the back.

Play with 2-4 players in local multiplayer.

This game was developed as a group project during the SemesterGameJam Summer 2019. Theme: Redirection
Development time: 3 days
June 10, 2019

My Part

My part of this project was designing and implementing the boss fight. This involved a state machine for different stages of the fight and smart movement to allow for a smoother gameplay experience.


This was the first project where I used a game AI method from the beginning. The implementation was therefore quite easy. State machines are a really good tool when you want to describe different situations.

Developed by

Robert Brand
Mehmet Dereli
Lars Ebel
Lars Grevsmühl
Felix Kosian
Julius Krüger
Tim Türk
Marcel Zurawka
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